Pacific Fencing Club is starting the process of reopening on Saturday, November 14 for the first day back. We will be having a Foil 3 ONLY class at 10 AM that morning. Masks and distancing will be required. Dressing rooms will be open only on limited use.

The first step to take in your fencing adventure is to take a Foil 1 class. You may try one class at no cost. To participate, wear non-marking court shoes and clothing that gives you freedom of movement. Fencing equipment is not needed for the first month (the total eventual equipment cost is about $250-$300.) The level of exercise in Foil 1 is moderate. If you’re out of shape, you can approach it gradually. Your legs will develop. Remember, fencing is a technical sport. If you’re patient with learning detail, you can excel.

masksFencing for Adults and Children

The Foil 1 Class, which is our introductory fencing course, is designed to be an interesting and enjoyable experience that takes you step-by-step through the classic curriculum that has developed throughout Europe and the rest of the world for over five centuries. You’ll find this to be one of the most thorough introductory fencing courses available anywhere. Upon completing the course, you’ll be prepared to continue studying and enjoying the sport as a member of Pacific Fencing Club, or wherever you wish to fence. Our graduates have gone onto varsity fencing teams at such colleges as Columbia, NYU, Ohio State, Stanford and U.C. San Diego.

Your teacher for Foil 1 is the director of Pacific Fencing Club, Harold Hayes, M.A., who is a Fencing Master (Maître d’Armes) certified by the International Academy of Arms and the United States Fencing Coaches Association. He has over thirty years of teaching experience. He has also competed in Europe on national teams and has won gold, silver, and bronze medals in national and international competition.

To enroll in the Foil 1 Class, just come to the adult or children’s class on September 4, or as soon as possible after. Information on class fees is available here.

The members of Pacific Fencing Club welcome new participants to our program of classes, tournaments, and social events.