Established in 1984, Pacific Fencing Club is one of the oldest fencing clubs in the Bay Area. Placing its emphasis on education and enjoyment of the sport as well as serious competitive training, Pacific Fencing Club offers one of the most thorough introductory courses in fencing available anywhere. Our graduates have gone on to varsity fencing teams at such colleges as Stanford, Columbia, NYU, UC San Diego, and Ohio State. Hundreds more have been given access to this enjoyable sport that is also one of the most highly developed disciplines of world civilization, still thriving and developing in the 21st Century. It’s the real deal!

The director of Pacific Fencing Club, Harold Hayes, M.A., is a Fencing Master (Maître d’Armes) certified by the International Academy of Arms and the United States Fencing Coaches Association.

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The Bay Area is a great locale for the sport of fencing, and a leading fencing center in the U.S.  Historically, the standard of fencing in the Bay Area has been made very high by the presence of some of the world’s greatest fencers and coaches who came here from Europe during and after World War II, the Hungarian Revolution, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Numerous Bay Area fencing clubs carry on and augment this rich tradition, each with its own distinct mission and character. Be sure to visit the West Coast Fencing Archive to appreciate this interesting history.